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Betsy - Unique Retro Bluetooth Boombox

Introducing Betsy - an upcycled make up case now a Bluetooth portable boombox!

This custom made Bluetooth boombox is a stunning work of art. A retro make up case given a new life and made into a powerful stereo system !

One of a kind, this unit goes loud and will impress with its looks and sound :)


3.5" twin woofers and twin tweeters give a clear powerful sound.
Powerful Class D amplifier provides ample sound for a medium to large room or outside.
Comes standard with a built in Lithium battery, gives 5-8 hours run time.
Bluetooth receiver built in
AUX in
Top volume control
15W + 15W amplifier
Dimensions : 350W x 220D x 210L

Please get in touch for more info or a demonstration!

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