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Upcycle workshop events for any occasion

Are you looking for a unique, special event for a small or large group?  Look no further as The ReCreators can design a sustainable, upcycling workshop for any occasion.

Team Building Activity
Community activation 
Birthday Party
Baby Shower
The list goes on...



Corporate Upcycling Learning Hour

Want to learn more about upcycling and don’t have a full or half-day.  We offer an hour lunchtime session where we can talk all about upcycling, the social enterprise and sustainable messages.  We will provide some ideas that are easy and can be done with little or no experience.  What options there are to extend your experience. 


Team Building Activities (Half or Full Day)

The ReCreators offer a fun half/ full day team building activity challenging teams to bring their creative and innovative game on.  We will liaise if you have a special theme for your occasion or time of year.  It brings us so much joy to be able to create unique upcycling events.  

Teams will be provided with an array of materials that can be upcycled into unique creations and inventions.   

Upcycle It is a great half-day/ full-day program to develop creativity in teams, time management, apply strategy and negotiation and provide your group with a new fun experience.

During the interactive session, we will explore what we know about sustainable practices, what we know but it difficult to implement because of other life commitments, what we don’t know and how we can make changes in our lives. 

There will also be creative, fun team exercises in upcycling using a variety of materials used in daily life.  This is a free play for adults or children.   A chance to explore what we are capable of creating.  No skills required but to think outside the box. 

It can also be a valuable exercise to develop creative concepts for organisations, families or companies.  Organisations/ families/ teams can display they're upcycled masterpiece as a sustainable inspiration for the home, community or workplace.

Create a team built an upcycled masterpiece or design your own workshop.  Upcycling offers a unique opportunity for a team to explore their innovation and creativity while learning a positive sustainable message. 

Art In A Day is best delivered in an indoor environment in 2-3 hours and easily be incorporated into company conferences.


Build Your Planter Box



Power Tools 101







Journal Making



Upcycle Painting Techniques



And MORE!!!


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