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  Moira Craill  

Moira studied product design for 4 years at Wellington Polytechnic. As well as liking interesting and good quality products, she has a love for horticulture and particularly growing bonsai. Moira gained gold medals, two years running at the NZ Flower and Garden Show designing and implementing exhibits there for the Auckland Bonsai Society.  

She and her husband run a product design business and are developing a product for commercial manufacture. She was recently inspired to create a height chart from upcycled wood for the Re-Creators at the Flower Show and now teaches workshops, specifically wooden puzzles for children. Any wooden product that diverts this resource from the firebox or landfill is an up-cycling win!

Contact The Re-Creators if you would like a puzzle made for you. She is happy to make it colourful with paint, or give the wood a waxed, more earthy look. She studied product design in university and has worked in many areas since qualifying. She has a love of horticulture, in particular bonsai plants.

Tower of Hanoi Wooden Puzzle $30.00 $49.00 $30.00 $49.00