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Juwairiyah Alam

WPS - Zentangling, Monday After School Programme

Waitakere Primary School - After School Programme

Term 2

Monday: Zentangling


Zentangling (mindful doodling) describes the art of using repeat patterns to decorate a picture, painting or pattern which can be used as an upcycle design on anything!  It is considered an important therapeutic art activity where you quiet the mind in creative focus.  This is a perfect class for any children who suffer from stress and anxiety.  This is proving very popular among adults too in a world filled with technology.  The tangling design can then be used to upcycle anything.  Its very creative and easy. 

In each session, we will pick a design to free draw and zentangle into for example for Anzac Day we drew a poppy and discussed why this is the symbol is used for commenoration.  

Single Class $18 (email to book a spot)

Term 2, 10 weeks: $150

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