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Barbara Woodman

Barbara Woodman created warm hearts upcycling as a social enterprise whose purpose is to minimise textile waste while helping local refugee and immigrant women develop income and social connection.

Barbara reduces textile waste and encourages others in the local community to do so, through local upcycle markets sales and conversations and hands-on upcycling workshops. These are held mainly in her local area and at her home village, Earthsong Eco Neighbourhood in Ranui, Auckland.

By saving discarded good quality natural fibre garments from going to landfill and remaking them into unique clothes, cushions, tote bags, toys, tech bags, and so on, Barbara lives her values and passion for environmental and social sustainability; education, community development and creativity.

Barbara can be contacted to teach workshops in upcycling, sewing, knitting and decorative mending workshops for adults, families or children, or for custom orders.