Be Sustainable, Be Creative, Mindfully Make

Magda Smolira- Crafter/Sewer



Magda is one of our sewing tutors and she loves to sew! 

She was taught this skill by two influential women in her life: her paternal Grandmother Stefania and her Aunt Zofia. 

She spent her childhood in a country where resources were scarce and the centrally regulated economy could not meet all her family's needs. 

Magda's grandmother and aunt were both resourceful women who taught her to be creative with the little they had and to think outside the box. 

In Magda's words, she now lives in an affluent throw-away society that collectively believes in mythical creatures like 'the trickle down effect' and 'the invisible hand of the market' while we apathetically watch our oceans die.

Magda is excited to be part of The ReCreators and pass on the skills given to her by her aunt and grandma.