Sandy McGivern Butler


I am one of the workshops facilitators. I grew up in a crafting family, and learned to make things from an early age. I also used to be a high school Science teacher so helping people learn new skills is really rewarding for me.
My personal making: I love to take fabric items (clothes, bedding etc) that op shops can’t sell because there’s a stain here or a worn part there, and I love to take the usable parts of that fabric and turn them into brand new, practical items - bags, clothes, purses, nut milk bags, the list is endless.
I love to pick up a rejected shirt or dress and see all the potential things that it could be made into. I also love making wire-bound notebooks out of cardboard boxes and A4 paper that is blank on one side, collaging the front and back covers (and hiding recipes and cute pictures inside). I have also dreamed, for a long time, of taking broken furniture and turning them into eniturely new pieces, but that has to wait until I have a workshop, and more time!

I actually discovered The ReCreators by taking my daughter to a couple of deiiferent workshops, and staying to help her out. At the second one, the facilitator and I got talking and she suggested I get in contact with Ger, which I did, and the rest is history.