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Anti Fog Face Mask with Filter Pocket for HELIX.iso™ drop-in filters

Anti Fog Masks for Glasses Wearers! NOW WITH ADDED FILTER POCKET!

We've added a filter pocket to our anti fog face mask so you can add a filter

Each mask comes with a single use Lanaco HELIX.iso™ drop-in filters.  These filters are wool based.  

Please note due to high demand - orders are being filled within 2-3 days

Foggy glasses are a real issue for most and can be very annoying. 

We have started making these well-fitted face masks that cover your nose and chin comfortably. They are doubled layered, tightly woven cotton/ poly-cotton with wire to sit snuggly around your nose.  

Every mask is unique and colours and patterns will vary from our product images as they are made from preloved fabric/discarded new offcuts

Size guide:

Most heads will fit the medium.  Large is available for those who know they will need a larger size. See photo for approx. tapered sizing

If you have a colour or pattern/plain you'd like, let us know in the notes and we will do our best to match your preference.

For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns of any of our masks