The Re-Creators

Birthday Ideas, Kids Sewing or Weaving (x8)

Enjoy a crafty, DIY, sustainable birthday party with The ReCreators for 8 children.  

Our Kids Party Package can be held at your home or location of choice.  

At the party, The ReCreators will teach kids how to sew, weave, make a loom or design their own toy.  Reusing fabrics and off-cuts organic wool, kids can create the following

  • Toy (Ruru, Unicorn, Kiwi, Mouse, Cat)
  • Cushion
  • Bag
  • Other - design for us!!

    This class teaches practical fabric craft skills and the power of reusing fabric.  Each child should leave with a different version of the same design.  

    Children are ideally 8 years minimum.  

    Contact for more information.  


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