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Denim Kid's dress with blue front and denim back

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This beautiful denim and blue dress is fun, practical and ethical and it comes with stylish fabric pockets

It is made from upcycled denim and a varying shades of fabric.  It comes with snap fastners on the shoulders to make it easy to put on and take off a busy baby.

The shades of denim we use and the choice of blue fabric vary between dresses depending on what is available.

Do you like this dress, but we don't have it in the size you need?  We can also make similar dresses in other sizes. Email us here to order your unique dress. 

Or, even better, you could send us some of your favourite upcycled fabric to pair with the denim, making your dress even more unique.

Handmade locally in New Zealand by Anis.


Age 5 dress: height 70m

Age 4 dress: height 55cm

Age 3 dress: height 50cm

Age 2 dress: height 47cm

Age 1 dress: height 45cm