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The Re-Creators

Sew A Skirt, Sat 17 June 1-4 PM, Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre

Book a spot now and learn how to sew a skirt.

This workshop is for adults who have had some sewing machine experience but maybe haven't used one in a long time. We will go over the basics of threading and using a sewing machine. Then we will put together a simple 4-panel skirt with a stretchy waistband.

All materials will be provided unless you have something special you would like to bring.

If you own a sewing machine, please bring it along, otherwise, there will be some available to share.

We will have a break at 2.30 PM, so pack a snack and bring a water bottle.

The Re-Creators are on a mission to teach New Zealand how to upcycle, reduce, and reuse our resources, to share skills in reimagining 'waste' as creative opportunities! It's not only creative and sustainable but also easy and fun too! We invite you to join us in our skills-based workshops that empower communities to learn the wonderful joy of upcycling, all while helping our planet and pocket by reusing materials that already exist.

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