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DIY Worm Farm KIT

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Our DIY Worm Farm Kit is a great composting solution that you can use all year long. 

This kit comes with 3 stackable trays, made from repurposed wood, with screened bottoms.

It is easy to get started; fill the bottom tray with bedding, food waste and worms. As your warm colony grows, add more trays to make your worm farm larger. 

This DIY Worm Farm Kit includes:

  • all the materials needed to build the worm farm; including paint and wire mesh (not tools)
  • building instructions
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • A guide to what to feed your worms

*You will need your own battery powered drill for pre drilling holes and screwing together and a paint brush.


  • This is an upcycled product
  • NZ made


    Largest tray 68cm high X 48cm deep X 50 cm wide at the top. 

    This makes a great alternative, or a compliment, to a compost pile and is made from repurposed wood.

    Support the movement of becoming more sustainable by buying this product. 

    Please allow up to 7 days before shipping for production & assembly.

    This item is not able to be couriered when Auckland is in Level 4