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Ali Jawary


Ali created this beautiful piece of art out of upcycled wood. It is titled Empathy based on the poem by Rumi (1207-1273).

Ali has used outdoor Resene paint to make this unusual and cultural piece.  Like The Re-Creators, Ali believes in humanity and protecting our environment.  Having a kind heart is the meaning behind this work.  It can be hung indoors or outdoors and is a solid and substantial piece of work.  

To speak the same tongue is a kinship and affinity. A man (when he is) with those in whom he cannot confide, is like a prisoner in chains. Oh, many are the Indians and Turks that speak the same tongue. Oh, many the pair of Turks that are as strangers (to each other). Therefore the tongue of mutual understanding is different indeed: to be one in heart is better than to be one in tongue. Without speech and without sign or scroll. Hundreds of thousands of interpreters arise from the heart. "

Measurements: 89 cm H x 30 cm W 

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