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The Re-Creators

Furniture Restoration - Ranui, Saturday 20 June, 1-4pm

Bookings required.

In this workshop, The ReCreators, will teach you how to restore wooden furniture and safely use tools and materials.

There will be a health and safety briefing at the start of the workshop to inform participants of safety precautions before we begin using tools and materials.

You will learn how to strip, sand, clean, stain, and either oil/wax or lacquer. To keep costs down, the learning group will work on a combined project. But feel free to bring in a small item to practice on.

All participants must wear covered shoes and non-flowing clothing (tight-ish!). We will be working outdoors, so please wear a sun hat, sunscreen, and bring a water bottle.

The workshop will provide the following:

- Health & Safety Briefing

- Step by step refurbishment guidelines

- Furniture paint stripping

- Sanding through different grits

- Preparation for staining

- Staining, Waxing, Oiling & Lacquering

When: Saturday 20 June, 1-4pm

Where: 34 Ranui Avenue

The Re-Creators are on a mission to teach New Zealand how to upcycle, reduce, and reuse our resources, to share skills in reimagining 'waste' as creative opportunities! It's not only creative and sustainable but also easy and fun too! We invite you to join us in our skills-based workshops that empower communities to learn the wonderful joy of upcycling, all while helping our planet and pocket by reusing materials that already exist.

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