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Peter Brierley-Millmann

Ancient Kauri Deer Antler Chair - Dark Beauty

Peter Brierley-Millmann is an internationally recognised artist who has a long-standing reputation for making unique works of art from discarded kauri wood.  In this piece, he has combined ancient kauri with deer antlers.  Sustainable and strong.  This beautiful chair will last many hundreds of years.  It is not fast furniture but one to be savoured and enjoyed.
New Zealand's first artist to sell work for more than a million dollars, The Giantwins, 2004 (private collection).  Large-scale sculptures in wood are now in 16 countries and counting.  
Peters goal is to heal through environmental art.  To draw from nature as an original source.  To reconnect this the energy with society for its healing value and spiritual refreshment.  
Measurements: Approx 1m x 1m x 1m.  This is a unique, substantial and environmental piece.

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