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Pad Carry Bag

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This bag is designed for carrying a cloth menstrual pad, when you are away from home. Pop a clean pad in the bag, folded up, and toss it into your handbag. Then when it is time to change your pad, take the clean one out, fold up your used pad and zip it safely away in the Pad Carry Bag.

The Pad Carry Bag is made from waterproof PUL fabric, for convenient and clean transportation. Once you are home, take out your used pad and wash it as you normally would. The Pad Carry Bag can also go straight in the wash as well - but because it is made from PUL, just like your cloth menstrual pads, air dry it on the line, don’t put it in the dryer, to keep the PUL lasting well.

This bag is approximately 13cm x 13cm, so will hold a single folded pad easily - even one of our XtraLong pads, if you fold it in thirds and tuck in the wings! And because it is washable, it is an ideal way to cut down on plastic use when you need your pads with you, out and about.