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The ReCreators

Ruru Sewing, Monday 5 Oct, 10-2:30PM, Kelmarna Gardens


In this workshop, kids and parents/guardians will learn how to sew and make a cut Ruru toy. Aimed at kids 8-12 or with an adult (5-7) The ReCreators will teach the blanket, running and hidden seam stitches as well as how to make templates and finalise your designs. Choose from a diverse range of fabrics and decorations. Adults Free to help or just drop kids.

We use discarded/new fabric offcuts, buttons and stuffing.

Please remember to pack your children's lunch for them.
Parents will need to stay with their children under 7 years old.

Date: Monday 5 October, 10AM - 2:30PM (4.5hrs)
Location: Kelmarna Gardens, 12 Hukanui Crescent

All our prices are not for profit and cover the costs of running our Upcycle Collective. The ReCreators are on a mission to show the world how to reduce and reuse our natural resources. Its easy, fun, creative, and sustainable. Join us on our journey. 

Places are limited so book your place NOW. Don't miss out!
This is a non-profit workshop. Supporting Kelmarna Gardens.