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The ReCreators

Zombie Kitten Sock Sewing, Highbury House, Wed 8 April, 3.15-5pm

In this workshop, kids will reuse old socks and turn them either into cute or zombie like kittens.  Its a great way to reuse socks that would otherwise go into landfill.  Teaching the art of sewing and creativity all in one go. 

The ReCreators are on a mission to show the world how to reduce and reuse our natural resources.  Its easy, fun, creative and sustainable.  Join us on our journey.  

All our prices are not for profit and cover the costs of running our Upcycle Collective.  

When: Wed, 8 April, 3.15-5pm

Where: Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626