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Anis Khan - Anis's Re-Design

Anis - Business NameAnis, originally from India, came to New Zealand in 2015.  She loves New Zealand and finds the people very friendly and helpful.  
Anis learned to sew in a class at Wesley Intermediate School and is now passionate about making fabric products.  This provides a great source of income for her family and allows her to be a businesswoman.
 She is keen to learn new skills and expand her range of upcycled products to meet consumers demand moving forward. 
Contact The Re-Creators if you would like Anis to make any custom-made designs for you.  
Black Classic Cushion $30.00
Denim Bag Large $55.00
Denim Shorts sz 12 $35.00
Denim Skirt Size 10 $60.00
Green dress age 10 $60.00
Multicolour Tree Cushion $50.00
Orange blanket cushion $50.00
Pillow Dress (age 7) $35.00
Pink dress (age 2) $35.00
Red Multicolour Dress Age 2-3 $65.00
White Girls Dress (Age 7) $60.00