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Green Space by The ReCreators - Reclaim Centre

Green Space - 135 Chamberlain Road

The ReCreators Green Space is our innovative new space dedicated to efficiently repurposing wood and other targeted materials on a large scale for optimized reuse.

Our focus will be on implementing advanced denailing and processing technologies to streamline the reclaiming process, ensuring that materials are salvaged effectively and ready for their next life cycle.

By maximising the reuse potential of these resources, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future while reducing waste and promoting circular economy principles.

Wood cut to size  Reclaimed Timber
At The Green Space, we’re committed to providing optimised materials tailored to your needs, empowering our community to flourish independently of charity.
Whether you’re a builder needing bulk loads of undressed timber, a DIY enthusiast seeking dressed timber for home projects, or someone looking for complete DIY kits from our workshops, we’re here to support your vision.
Let us know what you need, and together, we’ll ensure you have the right materials to bring your projects to life. Join us in creating a sustainable, self-sufficient community, one project at a time.



Planed timberDIY Stool