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Workshop terms and conditions


Any personal and medical information you supply to The ReCreators Ltd will not be disclosed outside our ReCreators Tutors, Venues Management and Assistants without your express consent, except where required by law. The ReCreators Ltd will, from time-to-time, email participants, parents and carers of students and past students for marketing purposes, and always with the option to unsubscribe from our contact mailing list should you wish.

Health, Safety, Injury and Medical Conditions Policies and Procedures
The ReCreators takes all practicable steps to ensure the safety of its students tutors and employees to provide a safe learning environment, but please note that some of our activities by their very nature carry a potential risk of injury or accidents despite adequate precautions. The ReCreators is not liable for personal injuries sustained or any loss or damage of personal property whilst on the premises.
A first aid kit is available with every tutor.

The ReCreators children are under supervision while in class time only. Tutors and ReCreators staff cannot be responsible for supervision of students outside their allocated class time.


Disclaimer for Woodworking and Power Tool Activities with The ReCreators

Everyone taking part in The ReCreators events does so at their own risk. Not all of our ReCreators are first aid qualified.   

The ReCreators, group organisers, event organisers and event hosts will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result of any event or in connection with travel to such event, however caused. 

When you join an event, you indicate that you accept these conditions and accept that no legal liability is accepted by the The ReCreators, group organisers, event organisers or event hosts in the event of accident or injury, however caused.

Participants in The ReCreators events are reminded that woodworking and power tools activities come with an element of risk. Participants are responsible for assessing their own risk, the safety of themselves and their guests and the suitability of any equipment used. 

Any Medical Conditions that may affect the participants during the group is that participant’s responsibility

COVID 19 Terms and Conditions

The ReCreators will be following all Government Covid guidelines including that all participants will need to do the following when indicated by the Government:

- wear facemasks (if required in current level)

- sign-in with the Covid Tracer app (if required in current level)

- social distance (if required in current level)

Photography or Filming
The ReCreators acknowledge the privacy of all our participants, for children, photos are de-personalised and may include hands or back of head but not faces unless permitted by a parent. Adults in classes can confirm whether or not they want to be in photos. 

One-off workshop cancellations:

Cancellation of workshop purchases made within 5 days of the event will receive a 100% refund otherwise are non-refundable. 

Covid-19 Update 
Should we be forced to shut-down due to Covid-19, classes will be replaced in school holidays, or products from website and finally fees for unused classes will be refunded in full if requested. 

After school times and logistics
Our after-school workshops run from 3-3.15 to 5 pm or 3.30-5.30pm in line with relevant school finish times.  Our fees including GST and all materials used in class. Children will be brought to the venue unless agreed with school to provide walking transport from school to venue.   

Collecting Children After Class
Parents collect their children at the designated finish time of the class. Our teachers have their own families, evening studies and life commitments. We ask that you are on time to collect your child. In some instances, there are unavoidable delays such as traffic. Please text or call your class teacher and let them know you are on your way. 

Covid-19 Collecting Students
Students must be signed out by an ReCreators Team member. Please do not remove your child from the premises before speaking directly with one of our assistants verbally and visibly acknowledging collection. Please note the various measures put in place at each ReCreators site with regard to social distancing, etc.

Children Walking or Cycling Home from Class
Parents must provide written permission - by email or text - to the tutor in order for us to release the child to walk or cycle home. If it is a last minute decision, a phone call with follow up text message confirming permission is preferred.  

Enrolment Confirmation and Payment
Payment via credit card upon enrolment books and confirms your place in the class.

If you prefer to pay by direct debit, fees are due one week prior to the class start date. Please note your place is NOT confirmed until payment is made.  They may miss out on a place if the class is filled by other credit card confirmed enrolments. If you believe you may have difficulty paying on time, please let us know so we can ensure your place is secured. 

We offer weekly instalments for after school term bookings - please email us of your intention to pay fortnightly so you don't miss out on your child's place!  Children may join mid term if there are places available in the class and fees will be pro-rata. No classes run on public holidays and fees are not charged for public holidays.


After School Cancellations
We want you or your child to have an enjoyable upcycling experience. If you or your child is unhappy for any reason, please let us know immediately so we can work with you or your child to find the cause. 

'No Obligation' Trial Class for After School Programmes
If you are unsure whether your child will like the class or not, you can ask for a trial class.  If your child likes the class and you choose to book for the term, the full term fee is charged. If they decide it is not for them, no fee is charged.

Children with Learning Needs and Behaviour Management Policy
We aim to be inclusive and find that art is a great way for children with learning needs or with English as a second language to express themselves. However, we are passionate artists firsts, educators second and by no means special needs educators. We are more than happy for parents, carers or support workers to attend our classes with a child. We do ask parents to fill in our Safety Form additional questions when booking online to assist us with children's learning needs. We will work with parents and children in line with our Three-Week Behaviour Improvement Policy (see below) to aim for an enjoyable art experience for all students in our class, however, should your child’s learning needs and behaviour take our teachers away from the bulk of the class, we will suggest small group or one-on-one tutoring as an alternative.

Ill Children, Covid-19 and Extended Holidays
In the event your child is ill on the day of their art class, please text or call the mobile of the designated tutor. We ensure your children are safe and it is frustrating to waste art time following up on the whereabouts of ill children.

Under Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy, if children are showing signs of illness - runny nose, listlessness, high temperature - parents/carers will be called and asked to collect their child immediately. The child will be isolated within the room until they can be collected.

If you know ahead of time that you will be away, for example, an extended trip, family emergency or unexpected ongoing illness with doctor's certificate, please let us know and we can make arrangements for either make-up classes or, in some cases, credit.

After School Make-up Classes for Missed Sessions
We have multiple classes in Auckland and your child can attend a make-up class on another day after advising The ReCreators by email (to ensure enough materials are on hand). Email

If there is another class during the school holidays, you can attend a session at any of our venues, at by advising us at  to make the arrangements.

In special circumstances of prolonged illnesses with a doctor’s certificate, we can provide credit for missed classes to be used in the following term.