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Custom Made Upcycled Orders

Ethical and custom-made items from The Re-Creators
Our team of multitalented artists are ready and excited to create, re-use and upcycle your hoarded clothes, your seen better days furniture, or anything that is taking up space around your home or workspaces, to create beautiful, meaningful and bespoke creations that you are proud to use, display or gift.
Our team can also custom make items for you to treasure even if you don’t have the materials. Just let us know your ideas.
Skilled artisans
Our artists work with a range of fabrics and mediums. They can sew, paint, do calligraphy, make clothes, restore furniture and create pieces for both indoors and out.

Need some inspiration? Here are just some ideas of what we can do:

  • With a collection of baby clothes that you no longer use, but you don’t want to part with, we can create a beautiful blanket or quilt.
  • With a chair, table or desk, that is boring or looks a bit worse for wear, we can restore it for you.
  • Paint furniture to create a beautiful bespoke piece for any area of your home.
  • Create handcrafted, personalised toys and other one-of-a-kind creations using a range of fabrics and styles.
  • From a surplus of clothes, our artists can create individually cut, bespoke items designed to suit you.
  • Crafted indoor and outdoor décor from pieces left over from refurbishments, fit-outs and deconstruction projects.
  • Jewellery, bags, journals, and accessories.


The benefits of custom-made items from us:

  • You know that they are created locally by artists who are paid fairly.
  • They are truly one-of-a-kind and handmade.
  • You’re playing your part in creating a more ethical and sustainable economy.
So, instead of donating, throwing away, or hoarding unused items in your home, or buying a gift that’s mass made, ask one of our local artists to create a piece that is unique, memorable and made with love.