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Waikato Workshops

Welcome to our Waikato workshops, led by Esther Gathambo. Esther spearheads our diverse range of programmes, catering to various age groups and interests throughout the region. From engaging school holiday tamariki classes to fostering mindfulness among rangatahi, and empowering individuals with valuable DIY skills, our workshops offer something for everyone.

We collaborate with community centres across the Waikato to deliver these enriching experiences, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all. Join us in exploring, learning, and growing together through our vibrant workshop offerings.

Workshop Options

  • Woodworking (power tools 101 - chopping boards, planter boxes, stools etc)
  • Sewing 101 (machine sewing at Go Eco)
  • Jewellery design
  • DIY beauty with locally, ethically sourced materials
  • Mindful art
  • Nature print art
  • Upcycle painting techniques

If you're interested in having The ReCreators host a workshop in the Waikato region, please reach out to Esther at We'd love to collaborate with you to bring our innovative and engaging workshops to your community. Let's work together to inspire creativity, sustainability, and empowerment!