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Adult Programmes (Multi Week)

Circular Design Community Programme

Design your own circular product or service, earn a living through local and sustainable production. Showcase our economic future. 

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Consumers are demanding a reduction in waste and emissions for Aotearoa. You can practically demonstrate how we can address climate action by changing our take-make-waste economic model to reuse, recover, repair and remake.

By using waste as a resource to make products, we avoid sending recyclable materials to the dump. Create designs that take the waste streams from local businesses and turn them into something new while thinking about prototype manufacturing, pricing, business process, marketing and packaging. Develop something to be proud of, and your customers will be happy to buy because they want to see businesses making changes.

If you want to make a difference for people and planet through sustainable business then this programme is for you!

Team Circular Design Woodworking

Design by material type or reverse engineering

Do you ever look at a product and think you can make a more sustainable version? Replace plastic with cardboard or reclaimed wood?

Are there materials that you love to work with – fashion off-cuts, old reclaimed wood?

  • Learn new DIY skills
  • Develop your understanding of environmental and human impact.
  • Thrive on the creativity in designing from “waste.
  • Create your own destiny through a circular business.

What you will learn in this programme

  • Designing from reclaimed materials, learning through initial pre-designed examples and progressing through your own ideas. 

  • Skills required to make prototypes, how to use and feel confident with several different tools. 

  • Manufacturing processes map out each stage from receipt of reclaimed materials, manufacture, pricing to sales 

  • Pricing and viability, by understanding time, materials, returns/ errors, and including margins to grow your impact  

  • Sales and marketing,understand your ideal customer and how to engage meaningfully with them

Chair design          Long Chopping board dxesign        woodworking

Who is this programme for?

  • Entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to showing up and taking action with a training program that is designed to give you the results you need to craft a mission-driven story and increase your visibility.

What will I gain from this programme?

You will gain the latest insights about the power of values-driven leadership. You will learn from five global leaders who will share their lessons with you, and receive prompts and inspiration to help you identify and define the values that will serve as the foundation of your personal leadership strategy.

  • Being part of a future focused circular economy solution
  • Gain practical design experience through real work problem solving
  • Increase your entrepreneurial and business skills 
  • Gain PR value by promoting your solution through the final pitch night

        Deconsturcted wood            Everyone working togetyher


Build your story to help make your impact.  Craft Your Story around Circular Design

  • Clarify why your product/ service
  • Inspire your local community to make a similar change
  • Link to other businesses and retailers – creating value from waste and connecting to sale
  • Create your personal pitch to secure your next big opportunity.

Are you ready to help society and our Paptuanuku?

What are the broader outcomes from this programme?   

  • Waste Recovery:finding new and innovative solutions for multiple waste streams.

  • Education & Awareness: exploring the 'how to' of repurposing and recovering materials to avoid landfill.

  • Capability:building employable capabilities of local students through skills-based circular design thinking.

  • Income (Business):design and manufacturing businesses turning 'waste to product.