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Community Upcycling Workshops

Creatively Reimagining Waste into Value

Providing people with the skills & materials to upcycle indoor and outdoor décor to their unique taste.

Events for Kids & Adults

The Re-Creators specialise in designing bespoke sustainable upcycling workshops tailored to your theme and occasion, whether it's school holidays, birthdays, or community activations.

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Our space that delivers practical, creative and innovative pathways that unlock values from localised waste streams through the sharing of equipment, space and ideas. Creating a West Auckland epicentre for a movement that will connect our creative community, rangatahi, tamariki and green entrepreneurs to ideas, resources, equipment and education to support a sustainable, low-carbon way of living.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The purpose of The ReCreators is to enable our community live more sustainably through creative upcycling. Upcycling reduces consumerism, stopping the extraction of virgin materials and diversion from landfill. It provides local employment through optimising our resources for a new life.

Our core work encompasses the following SDG's.


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An Upcycle Collective

The ReCreators believe that collective business power will help both artistan and consumer alike.  By coming together under one brand, our multi-culturally diverse artistans can share their skills, showcase their products, all of which have been lovingly restored, revived or crafted from sustainable materials. Consumers can choose to either learn new skills through workshops, purchase custom made products or purchase from our pre-made selection.  All of our workshops and products are priced using the  Living Wage as a minimum.  

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