Be Creative - Be Sustainable - Mindfully Make


Community Workshops

Upcycling is endlessly creative, sustainable and allows people to mindfully make with non-virgin materials and their own hands. Be proud to learn and share an abundance of skills and your upcycled masterpieces.



Looking for a unique activity for a small or large event? The ReCreators can design a sustainable, upcycling activity for any occasion, e.g. Celebration, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, etc.


Afterschool Programmes

The ReCreators deliver afterschool art classes that will spark your child's creative spirit. Making with our hands, not only brings us joy, but they teach new skills, too! Get in contact if you want us in your child's school/community.


School Holiday Fun

During the holidays, kids can be bored or restless with nothing to do. We run a variety of creative craft classes for families at community centres across Auckland.