Be Creative, Be Sustainable, Mindfully Make


Tamariki/ Whanau One Day Workshops

We run a variety of creative craft classes for families at community centres across Auckland. Check out what's on now!

Tamariki/ Rangatahi Programmes (5-10 weeks)

The ReCreators deliver afterschool art classes that will spark your child's creative spirit. Making with our hands, not only brings us joy, but they teach new skills, too! Get in contact if you want us in your child's school/community.

Adults One Day Workshops

Upcycling is endlessly creative, sustainable and allows people to mindfully make with non-virgin materials and their own hands. Be proud to learn and share an abundance of skills and your upcycled masterpieces.

Circular Programmes (3-10 weeks)

Learn circular skills through our variety of 5-10 week programmes which allow you to build your design thinking, skills and product development through beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes.    


Our shared space delivers practical, creative and innovative pathways that unlock values from localised waste streams through the sharing of equipment, space and ideas. Creating a West Auckland epicentre for a movement that will connect our creative community, rangatahi, tamariki and green entrepreneurs to ideas, resources, equipment and education to support a sustainable, low-carbon way of living.

Events/ Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique activity for a small or large event? The ReCreators can design a sustainable, upcycling activity for any occasion, e.g. Celebration, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, etc.

Options for 2024

  • Circular Design Programmes - (5-10 weeks wood & textiles)
  • Circular Design & Business Programme (5-10 weeks, products and business)
  • Beginner Woodworking Programme (5 weeks)
  • Beginner Sewing Programme (5 weeks)
  • Intermediate Woodworking Programme (5 weeks)
  • Intermediate Sewing Programme (5 weeks)
  • Laser Cut & Design (5 weeks)
  • NCEA Circular Business (working with students on circular prototypes)
  • Woodworking & Power Tools 101 (make a chopping board, planter box, small table, farmhouse table & chairs)
  • Wooden Furniture Restoration (one-off or 5 week programme)
  • Gardening & Woodworking (planter boxes, worm farms, bokashi bins - learn to DIY your garden infrastructure)
  • Make a Worm Farm from a Pallet
  • Upcycle Painting Techniques (colourful furniture and décor)
  • Sewing Machine 101 
  • Jewellery Design
  • Mindful Journal Making
  • Mindful Dot Art
  • Hammer & Nail Art
  • Nature Print & Design
  • Paper Making
  • DIY Beauty & Cleaning
  • Loom & Weave (wood or cardboard versions)
  • Air Dry Sculpture (2-part session)
  • Paper Sculpture
  • Tamariki/ Rangatahi Woodwork
  • Tamariki/ Rangatahi Sewing (hand-made toys and accessories)
  • Tamariki/ Rangatahi Jewellery & Braid Making
  • Tamariki/ Rangatahi Weaving
  • Origami

For more information, email or call Tasha on 021 0274 9136